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Everything you need to make billboard quality samples AALL for the price of a Big Mac...

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Hocus Krazy


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All for the price of a F*CKING BIGMAC! Make the best samples of your life and start getting placements today. Scroll up and hit the Add To Cart button to Secure Your Copy!

Bringing you guys a crazy, unique & affordable kit for the holidays! Every producer stays locked in during these times so we decided to drop a $5 sound kit named AIRE that all music producers could get their hands on and make hits with!

This kit is literally the price of a Big Mac, you can make over 100 unique samples with this kit

Make unique trap beats/samples in the style of: Lucki, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Babyface Ray, Playboi Carti, OT7 Quanny, Lil Baby & so much more.

The AIRE Creative Sound Kit has over 50 sounds in total, from multi-genre accents to fye trap ideas (royalty free starters). I also provided bonus textures & percussion loops for you to experiment with.

- Accents, Ideas, Perc Loops, Textures & More

- These work for any DAW, drag & drop; the idea is yours.

- 100% Royalty-free, clear nothing with me and create.

Use these sounds to create dark, unique samples and have fast, headache free sample-making process.

limited time only...

This kit is a STEAL, as you may have guessed we arent going to be selling it forever so get ahold of this kit while you can.

over 3000 customers!

Over 3000 producers have bought, used an LOVED our kits because we never lack in quality or value. Don't get left out and upgrade your production today.


The kits on our site ARE ROYALTY FREE for online beat leasing and small (under 1 million stream) releases. However, once a release has reached over 1 million streams, the loop must be cleared and the royalties / publishing will be split fairly.

Yes! All of our loop kits, drum kits, one shot kits, and midi kits will work in any DAW that accepts MP3, WAV, and MIDI forms

All purchases are final and no refunds will be issued under any circumstances. By purchasing, you are agreeing to these terms. The reason we cannot provide a refund is that once a digital good has been downloaded, it cannot be revoked