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To summarize what you get:

  • 87 808s
  • 71 Accents
  • 51 One Shots
  • 10 Bass
  • 20 Bells
  • 16 Keys
  • 7 Pads
  • 8 Synths
  • 5 Mixer Presets
  • 9 Pages of a Secret Sauce PDF Guide to study
  • Non-Royality Free Bonus Loops

The PDF of Secret Sauce covers Topics like:

  • Mixing tips that a lot of producers gate keep. How I mix my Tracks and how other popular producers mix their beats, analyzed and explained in the PDF. Also what you have to do with your Drums to get a better sounds out of your Mix (808, Kick, HiHat, Open Hat, Clap, Snare).
  • Reasons why you have to Mix like the steps I explain in that PDF with Important side-notes on each topic. These are non-basic and no BS guide. Tips for producers that want to upgrade their whole Beat and Melody Game.
  • Mastering techniques, providing essential guidance on how to master your tracks using recommended Free VSTs and presets.
  • What to do if your Kick and 808 wont hit as hard as you want them to hit.
  • How to flip Melodies
  • How to produce your own 808s and Accents

Uncover the secrets of successful mixing and production with this valuable resource, the ultimate kit for producers.



The kits on our site ARE ROYALTY FREE for online beat leasing and small (under 1 million stream) releases. However, once a release has reached over 1 million streams, the loop must be cleared and the royalties / publishing will be split fairly.

Yes! All of our loop kits, drum kits, one shot kits, and midi kits will work in any DAW that accepts MP3, WAV, and MIDI forms

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